Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sunset Photography

We've had some brilliant sunsets this past week.  These are taken off the back deck using my OnePlus5 smartphone.  It does well for a smartphone camera in low light, but the photos were still pretty noisy, so I threw them into Adobe Lightroom and ironed them a bit to take out the pixelation...

Summer Garden Macrophotography

Canon Rebel T6i using the Canon 50mm prime lens:

Another round of 360 on-motorbike photography

With some second generation parts I've got the on-bike portrait down to a fine art.  The Lammcou durable flexible tripod is a solid, dependable thing compared to the cheap and terrible flexible tripod I used before that I had to keep glueing back together.

The light, inexpensive and easy to use Ricoh Theta is still my favourite go to camera.  I'd like to try the higher resolution ThetaV but they aren't cheap.

Here are the latest round of photos and video from the ThetaSC.  On the afternoon of the longest day of the year my wife and I went for a romantic ride over to where we got married almost twenty years ago.  The camera's wrapped around the rear view mirror on that one.  On a rainy Saturday I put the waterproof cover on the camera, put it on windscreen and tried to get rained on.  I didn't get wet, but I did see a ghost on the covered bridge in West Montrose.  That was a weird, atmospheric ride.

Solstice Romantic Ride:

Creepy, Atmospheric, Rainy Saturday Ride:
OK, so it's not a ghost.  A young old-school mennonite woman was walking across the bridge complete with bonnet and black dress.  This is the covered bridge they used in the Stephen King movie, IT.  Creepy, right?

Staying ahead of the end of the world.

Dark and sinister...

May Garden Photography

May floral, macro photography using the Canon T6i Rebel SLR using the kit lens on the overcast shots and the macro lens on the sunny ones.: ...