Sunday, 29 April 2018

On bike 360 Media and Digital Abstraction

Setting up a 360 camera on your wing mirror using a gorilla pod and setting it to automatically take a photo every few seconds seems like the best way to catch some interesting self portraits while you ride.  It's a set up and forget system so you can just enjoy the ride.

Afterwards you download what the camera caught and then frame the photos as you wish (the 360 picture lets you move the point of view around until you've framed something interesting).

I've been trying to replicate the tiny planet view that the Ricoh Theta could do in its software on the Samsung Gear360.  GoPro makes a little planet capable app that they give away for free, so I've been using that.  Here is an example of a time lapse video tiny-planeted in the GoPro software.

The photos are screen grabs of time lapse scenes on the Samsung 360gear. They've all been worked over in Photoshop to give them a more abstract look.  I've included the original photo to show variations:

Here's the original photo.
Here is a posterized, simplified version.
Here it is with an oil paint filter and a lot of post processing.

Here is a tiny-world 'wrapped' image taken with the 360 degree camera.  Below are some variations on it...

 Below are some other 360 grabs - they'll give you an idea of how you can select certain angles and moments and then crop a photo out of them pretty easily.

One of the few things the Samsung does well is make time lapse video fairly straightforward (I miss my Ricoh Theta).  The software Samsung bundles with the gear360 only works with Samsung phones (which I don't have).  The desktop software won't render 4k video at all (it ends up so blocked and pixelated from artifacts as to be almost useless).  And when you're first importing video it takes ages for the software to open a video for the first time.  By comparison the Ricoh renders video almost instantly, has never had artifact problems when it renders and has never crashed on me (the Samsung software has crashed multiple times). If you're patient and are ok with crappy results, go for the Samsung.  Meanwhile, here's what I could get out of the damned thing.

This is a 360 fly video sped up, the weekend after the April ice storm.

Software used:  Adobe Photoshop CCAdobe Lightroom CCPaper ArtistWindows movie makerGo-Pro VR Viewing software

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

More Ice Storm Photography

Here is the first round of ice storm photos.

This is another round of 2018 Ice Storm photos from Monday, April 16th and the days after when the sun finally came back.

Taken with the Canon T6i.  Telephoto shots done with the 55-250mm 'kit' lens.  Closeups using the 18-55mm kit lens that came with the camera.

Some post production touch up in Adobe Lightroom.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

April Ice in Ontario

Some moody and increasingly atmospheric and abstract media from the icy morning we're having here.

Taken between 9 and 10am on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Using the OnePlus5 smartphone camera for the gifs & videos.

Videos then modded in Windows Movie Maker.

GIFs made using the EZgif online tool:

The close ups are using the Canon T6i DSLR:

You can find more media on the ice here:

May Garden Photography

May floral, macro photography using the Canon T6i Rebel SLR using the kit lens on the overcast shots and the macro lens on the sunny ones.: ...